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Wi-box Wireless External Hard Drive

Wireless External Hard Drive provides extra capacity.

Wireless storage capacity for Pad and smart phones.

Wireless hard drive supports 5 devices simultaneously.

USB 3.0 means high speed.

Support IOS, MAC, Android and Windows systems.

Simultaneously connect to internet and WiFi HDD.

Can be used as power bank.

OEM is acceptable.

More details

Wireless External Hard Drive is born for all smart phones, Tablet PC, Computers.

Extra storage capacity(up to 1000GB) for iPhone, iPad, and other smart phone.

Portable wireless hard drive which can generate a LAN.

Support IOS, MAC, Android and Windows systems.

Up to 5 people share simultaneously.

USB 3.0 connection means high speed.

Esorun Wi-Box,Wi-500,Wi-1000 mobile wireless storage allows you to carry your data with you conveniently while on-the-go and wirelessly stream music, movies, photos and documents to your and your friends’ smart phone, iPad, Laptop, tablet PC or Mac. The esorun’s wireless storage device includes a fast USB 3.0/USB 2.0 connection and downloadable Media Sync software to easily transfer data between it and your laptop or computer. The esorun’s wireless external storage device can store over 600 HD movies, so you will never worry about running out of storage capacity on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Product Features

l        Conveniently carrying your business data and media with you and wirelessly stream to your smart phone, Tablet PC, Laptop and computer

l        Syncs the media and data on your smart phone, tablet PC, PC or Mac, always keep information in touch with you on-the-go

l        Stream 5 different data over Wi-Fi simultaneously to 5 users; enjoy different media or documents with your friends or family respectively

l        Never worry about running out of storage capacity on your tablet PC, smart phone, especially iphone, or forgetting a file at home

l        Stream up to 5-8 hours of video on a single charge

l        Support IOS, MAC, Android and Windows.      

l        Can be used as a power bank/emergency charger.

Technical Details

Brand Name: Esorun

Model: Wirelessd WI-BOX

Hard Disk Size: 500 to 1000GB

Warranty: 1 year limited

Hard Disk Description: 2.5 inch

Hard Disk Rotational Speed: 5400 RPM

Product Dimensions: 13.0*8.2*2.5cm;

Product Description:

Convenient Portable Wireless Storage device:

Take your favorite data with you. Stream it to your smart phone and tablet PC. Wirelessd Wi-box allows the user to store over 600 HD movies on-the-go, and stream media to 5 smart phones, PC or iPads over Wi-Fi at the same time. You can also sync media and documents from your laptop or computer automatically. Wirelessd Wi-box also allows you to stream media and connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot to surf the Internet.

Free your device

The Wirelessd device always meets your storage demand wherever your digital device,iPhone5 or Galaxy S3 goes and lets you wirelessly enjoy all your movies, photos, music. It is almost impossible to run out of space on your smart phone or tablet PC now as Wirelessd Wi-box offers 500GB to 1000GB of storage capacity, with up to 8 hours power life and up to 30 hours standby time.

Stream data to five users Simultaneously

Five kinds of data, three different digital device, including IOS, MAC, Android and Windows system, all at the same time. Everyone in the family or team can wirelessly access the thousands of songs and photos, hundreds of movies on your Wirelessd Wi-box storage. Stream to almost any Wi-Fi enabled device using a web browser.

Simple 4 Steps with Flexibility Built In

Firstly charge wirelessd Wi -box with the included portable USB 3.0 cable charger or other Micro USB 2.0 cable. It will show white light on the third indicator.

Secondly simply plug the Wirelessd device into your laptop or PC and download your data.

Thirdly, turn on the wirelessd. Press power button for about 3-5 seconds and it will show Wi-Fi signal on the second indicator on the screen.

Lastly, connect your smart phone or tablet PC to the disk Wi-Fi signal with given password.